Plan ahead to alleviate stress

Planning ahead, way ahead, removes so much of the frustration and stress out of the moving process. We might not make this a fun process, but we can assist in decreasing the stress and frustration. Here are some tips to make this experience as positive as possible.

Decide ahead of time what you desire to box yourself. We will carefully and in an organized manner pack anything. However, many clients prefer to pack their small objects themselves cutting down on the time it takes us to pack for you.

Begin saving you plastic grocery bags way ahead of the move. They are great packing material for fragile items and separating items as you pack.

Avoid confusion by packing carefully

Don’t use large boxes for heavy objects. You will appreciate the smaller boxes as you work to place what you pack in an out of the way location while you are planning for the moving day.

Large zip lock baggies are great for items such as office supplies, bathroom supplies, kitchen utensils, and any items that might spill. They can also be used to keep screws or fasteners together with the item they belong with. Tape the baggie to the item to get everything together - just because you can remember for the hour, does not mean up will remember where you put it when the unpacking begins!

Investing in zip ties or large twist ties allows you to zip up cords on items such as lamps, irons, toaster ovens, computers, etc. - eliminating tangles and trip hazards.

Pack yourself or let us do the work

If you pack yourself, label the boxes such that you will know its contents. When we pack we will label the boxes with the room in which the goods were located when we packed them, and our description of the contents.

When all goods are delivered to the destination, the crew will go over with you again the agreement and this will be your opportunity to pay them for a professional experience.

When the moving day arrives, our professional crew will arrive on time with all the necessary paperwork, supplies and equipment, they will always introduce themselves and go over with you the fees, process, estimated timeframes and liability coverages you had requested.

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