Licensed and insured

We have found that the professionalism that comes from an educated workforce does makes a difference. By using this hiring practice, we have found employees with a stronger work ethic and those that have the drive to get it done right.

We then add on to those qualities with only employees that are always friendly and respectful. At Need a Truck, we also excel at providing a positive customer experience by guaranteeing promptness and reliability.

Our employees are always well prepared with proper supplies, equipment and clean trucks. We pride ourselves on giving you a smooth, stress-free move.

From a a house

Just like our slogan says, our services range from moving a couch to a full house.

We have experience in moving residential spaces and office spaces of all sizes. What ever your moving need, let Need A Truck make your transition go smoothly.

We offer out-of-the-box moving services, such as picking up Craigslist items, moving items from your storage space to other destinations, and combining the contents of two households into one.

Need A Truck will always arrive prepared

When moving day arrives, our professional crew will arrive on time with all the necessities.

They'll have all the needed supplies and equipment necessary to make your move go flawlessly.

They will always introduce themselves and go over with you the fees, process, estimated timeframes and liability coverages you had requested.

Are you ready to move? Call us 904-495-4495